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Gopal-Mochan Fair

Celebrated in: Near Bilaspur in Jagadhari tehsil, Ambala

To take ablution in: Gopal-Mochan tank

In The Months of: Kartik

This one of the most famous fairs celebrated in Haryana. Gopal-Mochan is a tank near Bilaspur in Jagadhari tehsil where Gopal-Mochan Fair is held.

The story of this fair goes like this: Lord Shiva, while rescuing Goddess Saraswati, who was being pursued by Brahma, struck off the latter’s head. The lock of hair fell on Shiva’s hand and his body became black. Shiva was unable to cleanse himself for long time. Once Shiva was resting at cow shed, he overheard the conversation between a cow and her calf. The calf said he was going to kill his master, a Brahmin, to avoid being castrated. The cow advised the calf not to do this sin. The calf said that it knew of a tank where it could cleanse itself from the sin. Next day they were going towards the tank. Shiva followed the calf. Shiva saw cow and the calf turning black with the sin of killing the Brahmin. As soon as they bathed in the Gopal Mochan tank they cleaned themselves. Similarly, Shiva also took ablution in Gopal Mochan tank and to his surprise he was cleaned. Since then Gopal Mochan tank has retained its virtue.

This fair is held in the month of Kartik, as per the Hindu calendar.

How to Reach

By Air

Chandigarh Airport is the nearest airport, about 32 km from Ambala.

By Rail

Nearest railway station is Ambala, which is a very well connected junction of North India.

By Road

Again Ambala is seamlessly connected with all the major cities of North India.

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