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Morni Hills

For those looking to get away from the mundane and seeking adrenaline rush or simply looking for serene surroundings to rejuvenate body and soul, Morni Hills is the right destination.

Just 45 kms. from Chandigarh, an off-shoot of the Shivaliks running in two parallel ranges through which river Ghaggar makes its way.

Among the hill slopes lie two titanic lakes divided by a small hillock with some hidden connection between the two, as the water level of the two lakes remains the same!

Haryana Tourism runs Mountain Quail Tourist Complex at Morni that has air-conditioned rooms. The facilities available also include a bar, a restaurant, and cottages for the guests. A comfortable motel is situated ideally on the hill top overlooking a beautiful green valley.

Opportunities for trekkers and explorers

As Morni hills are relatively unexplored, they offer a rich opportunity for adventure seekers and explorers. Trek to the lakes named Tikkar Tal, are sure to be a source of pleasure. Trek to Ghaggar offers another chance to explore the unknown. The river Ghaggar cuts a deep valley within these hills as it flows down the mountains. A number of small villages lie here. Morni hills must have been a centre of historic interest for ruins of an old fort lie in the hills. This fort is believed to have been built by the Queen of Morni Hills. Narrow paths lead to these centres of attention. The locals follow agriculture as a main profession.

Flora and Fauna

The Morni hills abound with fascinating specimens of greens. The low hill tracts of Morni are filled with trees likeneem, pepal, jamun, dhak, amaltas, jacaranda and yes, the delightful pine. The trees were introduced in the hills as an experimental venture, even though the climate was not really cold enough for the tree to flourish.

Camping at lakeside

Lakes of Morni afford an opportunity for wonderful camping and relaxing. The flora and fauna lend serenity to the lake. Recognising the potential of the area and the possibility of adventure sport, Haryana Tourism has drawn up delightful tour packages.

Packages are subject to availability.

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