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Haryana being an agricultural state, women also work with men in the fields; hence crafts have not evolved into art forms and remain rooted to their original usage. Nevertheless, the arts and crafts never cease to fascinate the true art connoisseurs.

Art and craft of Haryana mainly covers the range of pottery, embroidery and weaving. Colourful Phulkari dupatta of Haryana is famous in India and abroad. Art and craft of Haryana also include sculpture and murals both of Persian and Mughal style. Woven furniture, artistic sheet metal work, wooden bead making, zari & tilla jutti (leather footwear), lace work, bone carving, wood carving are some of the artistic craft that Haryana is known for.

Panipat in Haryana is famous for its handloom tradition, especially rugs and upholstery fabric that is the reason why it is known as a major textile town in India.

Haryana is famous for two types of woven furniture Mudhas (round stools) and chairs made of sarkanda (a reed) from Farookh Nagar and pidhis from Soniepat which are essentially wooden stools with seat woven in cotton threads or sutli.

One of the interesting items made at Jhijjar is pitcher made from clay. Interestingly, the clay gives a sweet taste to the water stored in the pitcher.

Craft cluster division of Haryana

Sr. No. Meta cluster Craft cluster Craft
1 Gurgaon Firozpur Jhirka
Farookh Nagar
Terracotta, Metal jewellery
Mudah making
2 Rewari Kaisthwada
Brass Metal
zari jutti
zari jutti
3 Jhajjar Bahadur garh
Sandalwood carving,
4 Faridabad Badkhal
Bone carving
5 Sonepat Farmana Zari jutti, peedha making
6 Panipat Panipat Punja durries
7 Karnal - Zari jutti
8 Ambala Barara, Akbarpur
Barara, Racheri
Crochet, embroidery, Punja durries
9 Bhiwani Dinod
Wooden beads
Wooden beads
Mudha making
Mudha making
10 Chandigarh - Embroidery, pot painting
11 Kurukshetra - Terracotta, peeda making
12 Hissar Shanti Nagar
Zari jutti
Punja durries
13 Sirsa - Jewellery, Pot painting
14 Mahendragarh Narnaul
Lac bangles,
Wood craft
15 Yamuna Nagar Jagadhari Hand embroidery
16 Rohtak - Leather & wood work
17 Jind - Sanghi craft
18 Kaithal - Sanghi craft
19 Panchkula - Embroidery, wood work

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