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'Dharmo Rakhasti Rakshita' - Dharma protects who protects Dharma. This axiom applies to the Mother Nature as well. Where would humans unwind if the nature winds up its vistas! This innate concern of the Haryana Government for the nature and environment gave birth to the concept of eco-Tourism in Haryana.

Haryana means 'The Abode of God'. This was the place where the first hymns of the Aryans were sung and the most ancient manuscripts were written. The state is studded with century old monuments, temples, gardens, fairs and other attractions viz. adventure tourism.

Haryana state is endowed with a rich and varied bio-diversity distributed over a mosaic of different habitats spreadover the Shivalik Hills of the northeast to the Aravalli Range in the south and Yamuna-Ghaggar plain to semi-desert sandy plain in the southwest.

These varied habitats have been supporting a variety of animal and plant species ranging from thorny deciduous forest to pine trees. The species of fauna in the state include black buck [panther, nilgai, fox, jackal, deer, wild dog, parrots, peacock, pheasants, etc. More than 300 species of birds are found here.

Several tourist destinations like Thapli, Morni Hills, Kalesar, Adibadri, Chuharpur Herbal Park, BanSantor etc have abundant flora and fauna. Varied topography and forests enhance the treasured wealth of the Mother Nature in the state. The Haryana Forest department has created the eco-tourism spots in the state. The efforts made by the department have brought tremendous increase in tourist flow in the last few months.

Eco-lodges, jungle resorts with Swiss cottage (tents), watch towers, nature walks, herbal parks, outdoor camps and many more activities are being introduced into the tourism industry by way of eco-tourism. The department has created these magnificent destinations where tourist can learn new ways to live on the planet.The eco-tourism programmes are minimising the negative aspects of conventional tourism on the environment and enhance the cultural integrity of local people.

The department has adopted an entirely new approach in tourism. The programmes aim at preserving natural areas to appreciate the cultural and natural history of environment, taking care not to disturb the integrity of ecosystem, while creating economic opportunities that make conservation and protection of natural resources advantageous to the local people.

The Forest Department, Haryana, is taking steps to encourage eco-tourism and save the environment by building log huts, eco-lodges and jungle resorts for the nature lovers to stay. These eco-lodges have been equipped with eco-friendly furniture, roof hangings crafted from bamboo and natural flora, which take you further close to local systems and traditions.

The tents and tree houses at Thapli, Morni and Chuharpur are well-equipped with modern day amenities. These accommodations are surrounded by useful herbs/herbal gardens, water spots and also have workshop and seminar holding facilities.

The nature camps at Morni and Tikkar Tal enable you to have a wholesome adventure amidst a healthy pollution-free natural environment.Unlike the milieu you get at a luxury hotel, eco-lodges, tents and tree huts let you dwell in a typical jungle ambience and give a feel of being in the lap of nature.These eco-huts and tented lodges give you an exotic and natural view of several flora and fauna while you realise a unique and long-lasting sweet experience.The scenic beauty of Morni Hills is unmatched. Exploring this tiny hill station and its natural surroundings is worth making one's eco-vacation extremely enjoyable.

Kalesar is spread over 60 acres of lush green hillside along the virgin bank of Yamuna river. A visit to Kalesar National Park gives a complete feel of being one with nature.

One of the most famous nature camp in north India, known for its medicinal plant base is Herbal Park, Chuharpur (Yamunanagar), it lets visitors indulge in many ecological and recreational activities, like nature walk, boating and yoga in natural surroundings.Serene and dense forests of Ban Santor offer amazing wildlife view are some of the embedded geographical features of Ban Santor.

Stay in tree houses and enjoy a picturesque sight of dense jungles. This not the end of the heavenly journey in the forests.Beautiful nature camps at Thapali, Lan Munia Rest House and Morni fort in Panchkula district and Kalesar, Ban Santor and Herbal Park, Chuharpur in Yamunanagar district are being developed.

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