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Farm Tourism


When you want to unwind and look for a break away from the Humdrum of life- farm tourism is the answer. Experience the real connect with the rural life be one with nature and relish the simple life. From riding the bumpy roads on a bullock cart, milking goats and cows, soaking in the local traditions to listening the enchanting tales of the bygone era.

It gives you the chance to relax and revitalize in the in the pure natural environment, surrounded by magnificent setting. It give you an opportunity to roam in the sun kissed fields ,watch nature by the rivulets and jump into gurgling waters.

Come back to nature and experience the unforgettable whiff of the countryside, listen to the musical sounds of nature, fill your lungs with pure air, plant baby seeds, Enjoy delights of organic food, discover cultural heritage, delve into folk traditions, watch starlit night skies and experience many spontaneous joys of nature that you may have never known before !

Haryana Tourism also takes this opportunity to invite the Non-Resident Indians to bring their children back to their roots, through the fascinating concept of Farm Holidays.

"What is the life if, full of care
We have no time to stand and stare."
- W.H.Davis

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