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Surajkund International Crafts Mela

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Theme State

Gujarat  – Theme State 

Gujarat has history and it has plenty of stories. It is home to Dholavira, a city of the Indus Valley civilization, dating to 3rd Century BC. As well as contemporary creations, epitomised by the tallest statu in the world .

Gujarat is an unending array of places to visit and lose oneself in. The astounding Rani in Vav the goosebump-inducing Somnath temple, the majestic wilderness of the Gir National Park, the beautiful starkness of the Rann of Kutch-to name just a few.

Where centuries-old traditions and nimble craftsmanship unravel.

Gujarat has a spellbinding legacy,bringing together varied strands of culture and tradition. It is home to wide range of textiles that are intricately linked to its past. Artistry characterises Gujarat and it manifests itself in many exquisite handicrafts that best showcase Gujarat's traditions.

Gujarat has a rich legacy of weaving and handicrafts, encompassing disciplines like-embroidery, tie-dye, block printing, bead work, metalworking, woodcarving, lacquer work, pottery, marquetry, quilting, stone carving etc.. Come discover every thread weave its magic at Surajkund Mela


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